Iconic Development ICONIC [AHY-KON-IK]: An Enduring Symbol
Iconic Development

Iconic Development specializes in revitalizing "C" apartments in "A" locations to earn "B" rents.  Iconic utilizes its proprietary market selection model and network to source off-market opportunities in the best markets.  By focusing on serving demographically attractive, and underserved niche renters, Iconic is able to deliver superior offerings for the target renters and earn strong risk-adjusted returns for Investors.  Iconic development is the developer of over 2,000 apartment units (over 3,500 beds).  Iconic hires best in market local property management firms to manage the day-to-day leasing and operations of the assets.  Iconic is responsible for driving the budget, timeline, and financial goals of the project to maximize returns.

The Iconic Advantage

"We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us."
- Winston Churchill

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